type61chk is the name of both a free mail service which allows one to validate their OPENPGPKEY/TYPE61 DNS records in practice, and the free software implementation of that mail service. It supports DNSSEC-signed records.

Record validation

To validate your OPENPGPKEY/TYPE61 DNS records, please send an email to oopeenpgpkeey (at) vaasaacoonsuultiing.coom. Remove vowel duplication before sending.

Soon after, you will receive an e-mail response from that address which will contain a message. The message will either be encrypted using the public key supplied by the DNS, or will be in plain text. The latter situation indicates that there was an error, and the e-mail body will try to explain what went wrong and offer suggestions.

This is different from e.g., openpgpkey.info, because it will attempt to send you an email with its message encrypted using the public key supplied by DNS.

Source code

Source code releases will be made available in the following list:

Download URL Release SHA-1 & MD5 hashes
type61chk-0.1.0.tar.gz 0.1.0 030cfd2437c50503a58645c9fa7daaa32c0f66c8
type61chk-0.0.1.tar.gz 0.0.1 76df0c35af0baa4d9f8dd2f3e4437c8745a7eccb